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2014 "GKO Cup" tug of war ended
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To enrich cultural life of staffs, enhance employee's team spirit, strengthen the cohesion, the afternoon of December 17th, the company to carry out 2014 "juke Cup" tug of war. The tournament total of 10 teams from various functions of the center, each department is composed of in. The chairman of the company secretary and director of the center Liu Peng, director of enterprise management and production technology center Ye Shujin, aluminium division general manager Chen Qi, enterprise management center deputy director Qu Zenghui and other leaders went to the site to watch the game.

1 pm, 10 teams participate in the competition, have arrived at the stadium. The players one by one to be eager for a fight, itch for a try, do the warm-up activities. The cheerleaders have long been ready, both with the smile on their face, can not help but reveal butt down nervous fears of fierce competition, but more, is a kind of joy and anticipation. In this warm winter afternoon, the tension has been lit, cool breeze blowing, like to add to the fun.

At 1:30 pm, "toot toot..." With a sharp, whistle, race officially kicked off, and have not had time to spread, has been loudly shouts and cheers drowned. "One or two, one or two..." , "come on! Gas!" Shouts and password as one falls. The tug of war team mustering strength, not to yield a step. They a next to a, orderly, his feet firmly on the ground, hands tightly holding the rope, he tried to back. One by one they bite a tooth, became red face. The cheerleaders aside hard cheer, and everyone was watching the red One's pupils do not turn. knot rope in the middle, see it move around from time to time. Seeing a rope stretched increasingly tight, like a sharp sword, every inch of it contains all the power of people. The tug of war players have no more time to look at the knot in my mind only one conviction: hard, hard, hard again!

After three rounds of fierce competition, and ultimately, decoration team topped, won the championship, cold rolling mill in cold rolling workshop, the 1 team won the runner up, 3 team won the runner up.

This competition race out of level, race out of style. Fully reflects the GKO, a good mental outlook, enhance staff cohesion and collective sense of honor.


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