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Cool fishes into the workshop, to pay tribute to the hard-working
Date: 2015/9/18    Hits: 740

Scorching summer, August 18th in the afternoon, the company production site ushered in the cool -- Red Bull company Taizhou office colleagues to the fight in the front line of production staff sent a Red Bull.

Summer afternoon was unusually hot, some production workshop temperatures up to 40 degrees. In this weather, the workers are still fighting in the front line of production, artificial sweat, wet clothes do not know how many. 4 beautiful ambassador from Red Bull company took full Red Bull iced beverage box car entering the factory, the vice chairman of the trade union under the leadership of Yang Hangyang in each workshop workers "to send cool fishes".

Although the factory is large, to cool the angels are always the most in need of workers appeared in front of them. Cool to drive forklift and to all plant material transport forklift driver hand; to the busy at the gas station near the boiler man hands; to slag casting workshop workers hands; to handle wafer wafer workshop at the hands of the cold rolling mill; rolling mill to hold hands to open; overhead crane with aluminum roll "airline stewardess". A cool, a feeling, a concern. The little ice Red Bull entrusted with the company and the company Red Bull union concern for the majority of employees, they brought a refreshing, off a tired.

Send cool team traveled throughout the plant, with the noise of the machines and the hot weather, though very tired, but see the exposed workers get Red Bull after cold smile on his face, hear the sound sincere thanks, simple in their mouth, Red Bull ambassadors again drive, continue to run in the workshop, to cool the workers.

Red Bull send cool activities continued until 5 in the afternoon, hot summer, we all hope that we can through this move, let the staff feel cool.


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