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Zhejiang gko decoration material limited company to attend Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
Date: 2015/9/18    Hits: 744

In June 9th to 12th, 2014, Zhejiang gko decoration material limited company successfully participating in the world's largest lighting exhibition -- Guangzhou international lighting exhibition.

This exhibition is the 19 session of the exhibition, exhibition scale of 225000 square meters, continue to maintain the world's first great exhibition lighting status. The exhibition brings together 2621 successful domestic and foreign well-known brands exhibitors from 32 countries and regions, exhibitors to display the effect of satisfaction reached an all-time high. Lighting and LED industry as the world's largest, most influential and most comprehensive event, the audience number hit a record high, in 131 countries and regions more than 140500 professional visitors, representing an increase of 21.1% over last year, of which more than 27000 domestic and overseas audience, the audience of 113500 people. The scope of business of more than two thousand exhibitors across the important field of lighting and LED industry chain, a full range of lighting products and LED technology industry shows the most innovative thinking. The exhibition once again set off a boom of lighting and design topics. In addition, this event attracted a number of overseas Pavilion exhibitors, including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong and American Pavilion, to the industry the most competitive LED technique and lighting production enterprises.

Zhejiang gko decoration material limited company on display in this exhibition focus on products, high reflectivity mirror aluminum series, more than 86%, is widely used as a reflective material of various lamps, attracted many buyers attention, whether it is brand awareness or recognition are improved greatly.


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