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Tang Di, Chen Yu come and teach "The future development of automotive materials and Our countermeasures"

The afternoon of June 9, 2014, vice director of National Engineering Research Center, University of Science and Technology Beijing Research Institute of metallurgy engineering, rolling Tang Di, Professor Chen Yulai was invited to come to our company, brought a wonderful lecture to our technology, R & D personnel——"The future development of automotive materials and Our countermeasures".

Symposium 15:45 in an office building on the third floor conference room, the meeting was chaired by the president of the company, Ding Ronghui Dean of research institute. Chairman Li Shutong attended the meeting and listen to the report, to participate in the meeting and Institute staff, aluminium division, all the staff, "the new class" students. The report of the meeting, Professor Tang Di from the three aspects of development, the future, the countermeasures are introduced in detail, the present application situation and development trend of the world automobile materials, especially the application of aluminum alloy in automotive lightweight in terms of. A large number of listed domestic and foreign well-known autos and auto brand in the automotive lightweight aluminum alloy material breakthrough and progress, also brought a large number of domestic and foreign companies, universities, the exhibition in the materials in the vehicle information. Combined with the domestic, international law and policy, to clarify the lightweight of automobile will be the development trend of the automotive industry, aluminum alloy material, high strength due to light weight advantages will be more and more applications in the automotive field, it will be processing enterprises aluminum alloy material is a new opportunity.

After the conference, the chairman Li Shutong and two experts conducted in-depth exchanges, introduces the situation of development and development planning, this paper focuses on the development of the company's new project -- with an annual output of 15000000 new high strength high fracture toughness of automobile aluminum wheel hub project. Show that the company has always attached great importance to the application of aluminum alloy in automotive lightweight aspect, since the company was established in the aluminum alloy material for automobile has done a lot of research work, at the same time, it also is an important direction of the future development of the company and the industry chain extension. Hope to be able to conduct extensive exchanges and cooperation with two experts and University of Science and Technology Beijing.

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