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The first phase of gko "new class" in training camp ended
Date: 2015/9/18    Hits: 682

In June 5th, closed a month of the "new class" training camp successfully concluded. The training aims to train new personnel obedience, initiative and cooperation; at the same time, which has highly the subject awareness and implementation of awareness, improve the comprehensive quality, rapid integration into the atmosphere in the company.

The "new class" training camp of the smooth opening, the company chairman and senior leaders attach great importance and concern, thank you also to the Luqiao district fire brigade training provided by the site and the teachers and other support, promote the training class to achieve ultra expected effect. Throughout the training, innovative measures in the following aspects: the first is the stage of training training content, mainly to training, project experience, knowledge teaching, discussion. Including training, physical training and compliance projects, training projects, corporate culture, safety knowledge, product knowledge, vision and other known enterprise project, inspirational video, the sunshine state of mind, business etiquette class teaching, management, commercial video actual project execution, project culture ability, communication ability; secondly, the whole recorded in the training process, the performance record, evaluation, personnel grouping of survival of the fittest; finally, in order to make the trainees devote myself in the training process, but also the proper award and punish bad measures. For the training of the winning team, outstanding individual award prizes and trophies to the project team to implement the final of a small penalty (each eat a small bitter gourd, and do 50 push ups).

The end of the period of "new class" training camp, many students have said, to learn a lot of things have never done this before, at the same time, more important is very confident in the knowledge and skills to work in the future. The road ahead will be long, I hope the students can play to their potential in the future work, to contribute their strength for the development of the company.

(Enterprise management center Wu Xiaofeng)


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