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The fifth session of the "GKO Cup" table tennis tournament was held successfully
Date: 2015/9/18    Hits: 732

March 11th night at six thirty, once a year "GKO Cup" table tennis match in the company of a floor, table tennis room held as scheduled, after four days of intense competition, on the evening of March 14th 8 success, the company president Ding Ronghui to visit the site to watch, and awards for the winners.

The competition is divided into men's singles, women's singles two projects, attracting more than 30 units of table tennis enthusiasts to participate in the. The game uses round, cross knockout, the players passion, try our best, the audience enthusiastic cheering, for players to participate in the. Finally, after intense competition, from the aluminium division, Wang Zhen won the men's singles champion; from the aluminium division equipment support center Zou Qingbin and Xin Ding wafer division Chen Wenwei won the runner up, the male single sub. The women's singles, from aluminium division warehouse Lin Yunxiang won the title, from aluminum sales department Sun Lingling and Jin Ning GKO Sales Department Hu Qing was at two or three.

The fifth session of the "GKO cup table tennis tournament held to promote the development of our employees in table tennis, play a positive role in promoting the full exercise, physical fitness.


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