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Gko aluminium 2013 advanced in recognition of the general assembly was held successfully
Date: 2014/1/18    Hits: 1004

At 3 pm on January 17th, the company held "2013 advanced in recognition of the General Assembly" in the office on the first floor conference room, the president of the company Ding Ronghui, executive vice president Jie Jieyun and some leaders attended the meeting.

The recognition of the General Assembly issued a total of 63 individuals, 6 advanced collectives, special contribution award 1, 1 Advanced units.

After the presentation, President Ding Ronghui made an important speech, he first affirmed the past year for the company to make a greater contribution to the development of advanced individuals and collectives, thank them for a year of hard work. At the same time, he expressed the hope that all the staff to be able to continue to carry forward the advanced work hard of spirit, to play a vanguard and exemplary role in their respective positions, in daily work, with colleagues around the practical action to influence their own progress, play a mentoring role, is expected in 2014 the company will be the emergence of a more advanced individuals and collectives.

Finally, he hoped that all the staff morale, the difficulties ahead, committed to excellence, to witness the future strategic development of the company, opened a new chapter in the.


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