Zhejiang GKO New Materials Co.,ltd.

"Devote to excellence, prove in the future" as the core value of GKO, advocated the view, is GKO of a common value orientation.

We adhere to the science and technology innovation to lead to enterprise management, scientific and efficient basis, adhere to the market reaction is rapid and sensitive as the focus, and the integrity of his customer service as the center, improve production and operation ability, to create GKO superior core competitiveness and brand value.
Our deep domain aluminum materials in domestic and international market, unceasingly for the customer to provide first-class products and service, and constantly open up the market GKO broad space for development, and strive to create a brand value of GKO, excellence, to effective action to witness the enterprise as well as the relations of interests are the beautiful future.

GKO enterprise philosophy

Daxiang Wuxing, symbiotic way

GKO mission

The development of aluminum industry platform to build environmentally friendly, sustainable development of innovative, inclusive.

GKO vision

To become a world-class aluminum material enterprises

GKO core values

Committed to excellence, to witness the future.

GKO business purposes

Together together, integrity and win-win

GKO of Psychiatry

Responsibility is heavy, struggle for the music, a proud

Concept of development

Leading technology, innovation and development

The concept of management

Cultural guidance, norms, scientific and efficient

The concept of quality

Product highlights character,Build quality lean.

Market outlook

The creation of customer value,The leader of the industry market

View of talent

Loyalty, morality,Professional weight can

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