Zhejiang GKO New Materials Co.,ltd.

Zhejiang GKO New Materials Co., Ltd. is the exclusively-invested sub-company of China GKO group. Our company introduced European advanced surface of the metal processing equipment and carried out the production in strict compliance with ISO9001 quality system. And also,we have powerful technical personnel and manufacturing facilities.

Our main products are Brushed Aluminum, Mirror Aluminum, Metal Colored Drawing and coated Aluminum coil, We are now the good manufacturer for brushed Aluminum & Mirror Aluminum process in Asia. Many technical fill the gaps, and our products are favored by the majority of users.

ADD: 88 Golden Avenue, Jinqing, Luqiao, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China.
Phone: 0576-82696686/0576-82696581 / Fax: 0576-82696553 / Website: http://www.gkozs.com / E-mail:gkolou@gmail.com / doragko@yahoo.com