Gko brushed aluminum classification

2017/4/11 9:22:54
Large section aluminum wire drawing is a common decoration, decoration materials.
The drawing of the aluminum wire.
Straight wire drawing, long and thin drawing, short drawing, fine drawing, cross drawing, rough drawing, etc..
The color of the aluminum plate.
Gianko single and double wire drawing aluminum wire drawing, color variety, conventional color JK001 bronze wire drawing, wire drawing, wire drawing of stainless steel JK003 JK002 green and JK004 blue drawing, JK005 drawing, JK006 drawing, red silver JK007 gold JK008 copper wire drawing, wire drawing, wire drawing, wire drawing JK009 black JK010 powder etc.. Can also be customized according to customer requirements.
Applicable range of wire drawing aluminum plate.
Application areas such as drawing aluminum plate, aluminum frame, high-quality windows and doors, boutique cabinets, fine lighting, household appliances, consumer electronics and so on, these areas have the use of aluminum plate. It is precisely because of the drawing aluminum sheet to make these indoor and outdoor decoration and indoor facilities look more beautiful, more beautiful, integrity and aesthetics are combined.
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