The wide market application of gko brushed aluminum

2017/4/11 9:00:30
Gko is manufactured by drawing aluminum wire drawing process unique to gko, to provide protection and anti wear properties of aluminum surface to ensure the effectiveness of the use of effective, and successfully enhanced the plasticity of aluminum, gko drawing aluminum market value which has been greatly improved, as new products building materials market. Gko drawing aluminum in the manufacturing process, can see that the production process is complex, to deep processing of human achieve performance advantage of the advantages of technology and products of the double insurance, improve the actual use of drawing aluminum on the market value, can let drawing aluminum for a successful high-end building materials on the market.
Gko wire drawing aluminum market is widely used. Whether it is the high-end market or low-end market can be found in the shape of the giant drawing aluminum. In the low-end market, gko aluminum wire drawing because it can play a very good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, usually used as a harsh environment consumables. The general application in parts manufacturing, sign making, can give full play to wear less prone to failure situation, will play to the extreme performance of giant brushed aluminum plate, so that the performance of gko drawing aluminum is a more widespread concern.
In the high-end market, gko aluminum wire drawing can also play a role. Household appliances and electronic products, many of them can see the figure of gko aluminum plate. Because of the use of household appliances in the process will inevitably cause a bump, gko drawing aluminum surface after careful processing obviously better able to avoid damage caused by too much influence on household appliances itself, because to prevent surface damage caused by damage to the integrity of the appearance of household appliances. This highlights the protective effect of the aluminum plate.
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