2003 Brushed aluminum products enter the market,belong to domestic initiation.
2007 Metal painted products enter the market, awarded with‘Enterprise Technology Center' by Zhejiang province.
2008 Pass ISO9001 and other three system certification.
2009 Develop metal 3D-POLISH products, the same year introduce two coating lines.
2010 GKO won the 'Green company' of Zhejiang province.
2011 Successful development of mirror aluminum product, for the first time in China compare with import quality of high reflective mirror aluminum.
2012 The first type of domestic color coated mirror aluminum enter the market.
2013 New plant found in the Taizhou Bay recycling economy industrial area.
2014 Add two coating lines, total six coating lines. Coating aluminum are among one of the best companies of the industry in the country.
2015 Success list in NEEQ stock market, stock code: 833722.
2016 The first batch in NEEQ stock market to enter the creative layer.
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