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Under the guidance of value " Devote to excellence prove in the future" , GKO persists in the principle of quality first and customer first. Every wheel we sell is under strict inspection and control in each production process, we established total quality control system including technological standardization management, equipment management, measuring management, production site management.

GKO found "GKO light metal research institute" since foundation,always insist technological innovation.In order to integrate of resources,extend industry chain and let the whole aluminum industry to be better.GKO carry out Technical exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad actively on basis of Independent research and development.
Aluminium luggage can endure high pressure, avoid deformation, and prevent influence from high moisture or extreme climate change; aluminium luggage would protect vulnerable items and valuable precision equipment from corrosion of temperature change.
The aluminium luggage is provided with a special adjustable partition board structure, which helps to divide the space inside the case, effectively protects the sensitive clothes and makes everything in order. Even the luggage is only half full, the items inside still can be kept tidy, as the partition board height is adjustable according to item quantity inside case, and meanwhile, the board can be removed out easily.
The unique wheels, which are also applied to aircrafts, have super powerful suspension function and super mute function; they can rotate 360° freely even on bumpy road. The stable four pulley design enables the luggage move easily in any direction on the ground.
Travelers can also use the plug hook device outside the luggage to carry shopping bag and cosmetic bag, making travel more convenient and more comfortable.
In the aspect of safety, the embedded combination lock and TSA technology are used; password can be set separately, ensuring the security of all items inside luggage. The skeleton key developed by USA Transportation Security Administration allows customs officers to open the aluminium luggage freely without knowing the password, by this way, the customs clearance time can be shortened, which brings to people more comfortable journey.

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