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Vice president of the United States of Europe, the United States of America Samsonite Corp to inspect the giant family of aluminum case
Date: 2015/9/29    Hits: 1726

In July 26, 2015, the international well-known brands --- the United States, the European vice president of Samsonite Corp, Pecceu Luc, a line to my company's aluminum case study and discuss cooperation matters. General manager Chen Shuoyu, general manager of the Department of decoration materials, Zhang Dankai, general manager of international trade division, Tao Dongyun, deputy general manager of the Department of decoration materials, Zhong Yixing, director of the Sales Department of aluminum bags, and other leading hospitality.
Accompanied by Tao, Mr. Pecceu Luc has visited the production workshop, exhibition hall, and the cooperation between the two sides to discuss the issue. In the process of investigation, Mr. Luc Pecceu on our production of aluminum magnesium alloy luggage products never praise, I hope both sides can achieve cooperation as soon as possible.
During the discussions, the two sides cooperation intent, general manager Chen Shuoyu said, hoping the two sides to enhance mutual understanding and interaction, strengthen confidence in the future cooperation between the two sides, and stressed the continued development and production of high-quality products to adapt to the high-end market.


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