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GKO has established a provincial enterprise technology center, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences - GKO family of Light Metal Research Institute, transportation aluminum with laboratory, aluminum surface treatment laboratory and other research institutions, has the international first-class aluminum processing industry experts, bear the national key new product development, National Torch Program projects, as well as major science and technology projects, the development of dozens of technical products, made a series of energy-saving emission reduction, product improvement, market innovation and good social and economic benefits.
A monitoring system of the advanced, with Fu Liye analysis, infrared spectroscopy and laser size analysis, composition analysis, mechanical performance analysis of 11 quality inspection laboratory
Has applied for more than 40 patents, including 5 patents have been authorized, and has authorized the utility model patent 9. The newly developed high brightness mirror aluminum series, thick plate drawing, heat treatment and strengthening of the plate, high strength 5083 sheet and other products have been gradually into the market, is developing a can cover, can body material, automobile body aluminum and other high-end products, will also be in the near future to enter the market, step by step alternative import.

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